Red meat pack examples

 Red meat tray style pack  

Fresh meat pack. Note the ferrous section in the centre, to allow the insert to be lifted out with a magnet.

 Red meat 'tray' pack  

Another style of fresh meat pack, also with a ferrous section in the centre.

 Divided red meat pack  Divided red meat pack
Steak and kidney pack

Steak & kidney pack

Red meat pack

Red meat pack, shallow
flutes on sides

Divided insert - to fit in fluted cavity

Divided insert to fit
inside fluted, tapered

'Sainsbury' divided family pack

divided family pack

Red meat pack

Modern design
of red
meat pack

Tray pack

Insert to form a 'tray' pack

Insert to fit fluted cavity

This fluted cavity insert has a steel insert for lifting out with a magnet, raised corners and engraved text

Text engraved on sloping sidewalls

Text engraved into the side of the cavity

Shallow, divided red meat pack

Shallow divided pack